GATE, GLOBE, CHECK VALVES in bronze, cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, forged steel, 1/4" to 24" depending on materials. Specialties include B-61 Bronze and Monel trim. Dimensions to ANSI, BS, JIS, DIN. Certification to ABS, Lloyds, USCG, US Navy.

PLUG VALVES in bronze, 1/2" to 4", screwed and flanged, 2-way and 3-way straight and angle pattern.

BRONZE FLOW CONTROL SPECIALTIES: Storm valves (balanced disc check) flanged 1 1/2" to 8" straight and angle pattern, horizontal and vertical mounting; Seacocks 1" to 3"; bunker drain valves; sight glasses; relief valves; specialty fittings.

"QUICLOSE" FIRE SAFE VALVES: Remotely operated quick closing valves with automatic, heat activated emergency trip. Activation by air, hydraulic, tripwire, or thermal link. Positive manual reset. Valve can be normally operated by handwheel or actuator. Available in gate and globe, all materials of construction.

BULKHEAD VALVES - CARGO TRANSFER: Standard sizes 12"x18" to 28"x32", other sizes on request. Design pressure 100 ft head crude oil/seawater. Operated by direct hydraulic ram, manual handwheel, or rotary actuator. Patented seal design.

MANIFOLDS: Cast iron, ductile iron, aluminum, or bronze bodies. Bronze or stainless steel trim. Valve sizes 1 1/2" to 16", branch connections to 20". All configurations designed to order.

MUDBOXES / STRAINERS: Cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, straight and angle pattern.

BRONZE FIREWATER EQUIPMENT: Hydrant valves; couplings; nozzles, branchpipes; adapters. Connections to ANFT, BS, Stortz, NOR, JIS3344/5.

KNIFE GATE VALVES: 2" to 40" diameter: 6" to 40" square. Metal to elastomer or metal to metal seating. Body material cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, hastelloy. Lined valves available with urethane or halar lining. Elastomer material butyl, nitrile, viton, TFE.

VALVE ACTUATORS: Hydraulic, for rotary or quarter turn operation. Double acting and fail safe.

VALVE CONTROL SYSTEMS: Design and manufacture, installation and commissioning of total hydraulic systems with control panels and consoles to suit any requirement including bilge, ballast, fuel oil transfer. Pneumatic systems available for breweries, distilleries, bottling plants, etc.

DEPTH GAUGING SYSTEMS: Pneumatic or electronic back pressure systems for tank depth or draft gauging.


DUVALCO B.V.: Butterfly valves in wafer, lugged, double flanged, and mono flanged. Designed to ANSI and DIN. Nakakita Japanese Butterfly valves with separate insertable seat rings and offset disc design. High Performance butterfly valves. Seat rings available for other manufacturers' designs. Gate, globe and check valves to JIS.

NIBCO: Gate, globe, check, ball, and butterfly valves in cast iron, ductile iron, bronze.

BROOKSBANK VALVES: Ball valves in standard and Navy patterns, screwed and flanged ends. End entry, split body, 3 piece and wafer designs. Stop check plug valves. Available in bronze and exotic alloys.

SUMMER EQUIPMENT: Steering gears, steering control systems, rudder position indicators.

COMNAV: Autopilots

CUPEDO ZONEN B.V.: Pneumatic actuators for gate, globe, and quarter turn valves.

ENDRESS AND HAUSER: Radar type tank gauging; pump controls and alarms, cargo systems.

CATHELCO: Anti-fouling and cathodic protection systems.